GoFi8ure’s BKED Training Courses to Support Business Owners Manage Financial Matters

GoFi8ure’s BKED Training Courses to Support Business Owners Manage Financial Matters

GoFi8ure’s BKED Training Courses to Support Business Owners Manage Financial Matters

Business owners who need assistance with their accounting tasks and financial statements can take GoFi8ure’s BKED and training course. The company has designed a series of business courses to help company owners focus on their business while GoFi8ure can take on the other time-consuming accounts.

Designed to suit every business, the Bookkeeping Education and Training Courses include important topics such as:

Bookkeeping for Business Owners 101

Business owners will learn how to reconcile all of their balance sheet accounts and get an introduction to understanding financial reports. They will also learn about the 12-step bookkeeping process; checking their own data; knowing where their money goes; and learning the difference between cash flow and profit.

Business Owner Duties & Responsibilities 101

The course will delve into the Companies Act 1993, compliance, governance, Inland Revenue, and an introduction to tax legislation and responsibilities.

Accounting Principles into Practice

The course will cover Accounting principles, Accounting practices, reconciliations, balance day adjustments, knowing the difference between management accounting and financial accounting, problem solving and learning how to run a practical health check on their ledger.

People Courses: Employers

People courses that focus on employers will touch on employer duties and responsibilities, payroll training, payroll audits, compliance, legislation, contracts, recruitment, profiles and testing, culture creation, and getting the most out of your team.

People Courses: Leadership

The leadership focused people course will teach business owners how to get the right person, in the right job, and do the right thing. It will also cover fundamentals of leadership – “I have a business, I have staff, now what?”

People Courses: Management

People Courses focusing on Management will cover topics on Attraction; Promotion; Selling a solution; Call to action; Marketing; Relationship building; Networking; CRM; Onboarding; and Process for creating a raving fan.

Business Strategy Course

The course will discuss Marketing and promotion, IT (infrastructure), Financial, HR (balanced scorecard), and Organisational structure and culture.

Strategy Implementation Course

The Strategy Implementation Course will revolve around motivation, communication, leadership and growth, efficiency, effectiveness and enablement.

Business Finance Course

Last but not the least, the Business Finance Course will discuss in detail what financial literacy is, how to budget and forecast, how to prepare documents for a loan, how to read and understand reports and explain what the figures really mean.