Maximise Xero’s Capabilities through Customised Training

Maximise Xero’s Capabilities through Customised Training

Wellington’s trusted accounting firm, GoFi8ure, wants businesses to maximise the use of Xero to further their business operations. The mobile accounting company is offering Xero training to save businesses from time-consuming work, in order for them to focus on other important business tasks.

GoFi8ure aims to help business owners save more time and resources by helping them optimise Xero’s capabilities. As an official partner of Xero, GoFi8ure can expertly train businesses to efficiently use the software to their advantage.

Using Xero without fully understanding it could potentially lead businesses into spending just as much on administration as they would without it. It’s important to know how to wield your tools. Rather than hiring more staff to achieve greater efficiency, you can save money and time in the long run by training existing staff.

GoFi8ure provides one-on-one or one-to-many Xero training for individuals who are interested in making the most out of the accounting platform. The team can travel to varying locations, right to their customers’ doorstep. Whether it may be in Wellington, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa, Auckland or Dunedin, GoFi8ure can come to them to carry out the training.

What makes GoFi8ure’s Xero training special is that they have developed a tailor-made training programme using real-life data, for boosted efficiency. They also utilise a 12-step “best bookkeeping” checklist that will guide clients on the right track.

Furthermore, GoFi8ure also provides customisable Xero training, which can attend to the specific needs of each business. Business owners can discuss which company-specific topics they would like to cover, and GoFi8ure will tailor the training session to suit the business’ needs.

To learn more, visit the GoFi8ure website at

GoFi8ure able to help with Xero training for the New Financial Year

GoFi8ure able to help with Xero training for the New Financial Year

It is generally accepted that preparation for the financial year can start from as early as February, to as late as July or August. Getting a head start can help businesses avoid rushing and making miscalculations.

The end of a financial year is a great time to take a look at business from a broad perspective, and see what worked and what didn’t. Companies have the chance to do activities such as segmenting expenditures and revenues into separate groups. Reviewing tax returns and other related processes is also a great step toward getting prepared for the new financial year.

Creating a calendar is also a common tactic to help businesses flourish instead of flounder at critical turning points. This includes creating deadlines, and sorting tasks by their priority. Such tasks could include creating a system for dealing with batch emails, creating templates for sending replies or inquiries, and delegating bank processes to automated accounting software.

Another great practice is to settle the cash flow system early. As one of the most important facets of a business, keeping a healthy cash flow is important, in order to avoid funds bottlenecking at a time a company needs them the most. Xero training can help a company’s employees track and manage their cash flow better.

Budget checks are another important stage for monitoring business’ finances. After designing a cash flow stream, companies need to allocate their resources intelligently. Creating a budget plan for the business will ensure that a lot of important sectors of the business are covered.

Technology is ever-changing, and a good business should stay up-to-date. Budget plans usually include spending for good software and new technologies, like digitising their transactions and accounting processes. It could also be used to purchase new hardware for accounting software – investing in this is a big help to companies in taking their business to the next level.

Let GoFi8ure help you set up new processes like Xero training to get ahead! Visit our website at and find out how!


Creating More Effectiveness in your Business

Effectiveness in Business






Do you consider yourself to be effective at work? Although many of us like to think that we are 100% effective, the truth is that most of us have unrecognised weaknesses that impact our effectiveness.

Some businesses seem to barely keep afloat, fumbling from one day’s challenges to the next, whereas other businesses seem to crackle with energy, efficiency and vision. This is no accident – effective businesses use and rely on organisation, oversight and planning to minimise minor disruptions which reduce a company’s ability to grow and prosper.

To improve effectiveness in a company, a business needs to conduct regular performance reviews of both their employees and managers to determine if their methods and techniques are effective and producing results. Ineffective results could easily impact the quality of a company’s services or products, so it is important for any business to make sure that all of their employees and managers are filling their roles effectively.

So, what can you do to help your business run more effectively?

1. Use your time more effectively
In a nutshell, time is money – or the potential to make money. The more time you waste on inefficient activities, the less free time you have to spend doing productive activities that will help your business grow.

Michael Gerber, in his world-famous book ‘The E-myth revisited – Why most small businesses fail and what to do about it’, stresses that one of the reasons businesses fail is that the owners spend too much time on day to day tasks. So if you are a business owner, it is vitally important to spend enough time steering your ship in the right direction.

2. Consolidate tasks and remain focused
It is scientifically proven that you are more productive when you focus for an extended period on completing one task instead of multiple activities and tasks, as the “white noise” of a large number of tasks overlapping and interrupting each other is distracting. An easy way for business owners to accomplish this strategy is by consolidating, or batching, tasks that require similar processes and invest all their focus on this one consolidated task.

3. Automate processes and workflows
Small businesses often get bogged down with repetitive tasks. Did you know that you can likely automate many of your frequent tasks? Many small businesses fear automation because of the upfront expense or its possible effect on employee jobs. However, automating repetitive steps in your sales, production or distribution process can increase your bottom line and free up your employees to work on other, more critical areas.

Successfully running a business requires a great deal of time, energy, money, and other resources. If you want to increase your chances for success, focus on being as efficient as possible. If you would like to find out how GoFi8ure can help your business run more effectively, send us a message today.



GoFi8ure listed as Top 25 Most Popular Accounting and Tax Services for 2017

GoFi8ure listed as Top 25 Most Popular Accounting and Tax Services for 2017. 

Recently GoFi8ure were advised that we made the Top 25 Most Popular Accounting and Tax Services for 2017 through Search4Accountants. How cool is that!

If you are looking for an accounting firm that you can trust, check out our profile by clicking here.

GoFi8ure – in the business of helping you work smarter with better tools, information and advice when you need it.




Lisa Martin – Member of the Accountants + Tax Agents Institute of NZ (ATAINZ)

GoFi8ure ATAINZ MemberAt GoFi8ure we pride ourselves on being Members with Accounting Associations. A big congratulations to Lisa who become an official Member of the Accountants + Tax Agents Institute of NZ (ATAINZ) this week.

The Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (ATAINZ) exists to promote the welfare and professional development of its members and to represent members’ interests in New Zealand. It is unique in the New Zealand tax and accounting market because of its grassroots contact with members.

Being a Member of ATAINZ means each Member must comply with our Code of Ethics, which covers four main areas: integrity; trust and confidence; standards of service; and professional conduct. If you are looking to worth with a professional accounting firm come and talk to us. We take our our services and the quality of our work seriously. Email us to find out more.







Seminar: Advance your Xero knowledge – become a Xero Hero

If you have been using Xero for a while and would like to take your Xero knowledge to the next level then this seminar is for you.If you have been using Xero for a while and would like to take your Xero knowledge to the next level then this seminar is for you.This 3 hour session is designed to empower you with the skills you need to carry out your essential accounting processes in Xero. We will show you how easy it can be to stay on top of your transactions daily and master advanced functions to save time.

We will also cover the following features

• Discover the “Tracking” system in Xero and how this can help analyse the various income channels for your business. We will look at how to use tracked inventory in Xero and how this updates the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

• We will show you how to set up and customise your Chart of Accounts so you can classify your transactions correctly, and generate meaningful reports to help you run your business better.

• We will show you how to create customised, relevant reports in Xero. We will also show you some other reporting features that can really help you to know your numbers.

• Learn ‘best practice’ for preparing and reviewing GST Returns in Xero. We will highlight all important details to look out for when doing your GST reconciliation review.

Attendees will leave with practical tools and techniques they can implement in their day-to-day roles, or in the management of their own Xero account. Please note: Previous experience of Xero is not essential for this session, however, basic experience of the software will help.

Date:  Thursday 16 November 2017, 9am – 12pm
Where:  Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 15 Daly Street, Lower Hutt
Presenter:  Tania Hayes, Xero trainer and expert from Xero award winning company GoFi8ure
Fee:  $150 + GST per attendee
More info:  click here for more information

Well done to our GoFi8urines for completing their Xero Payroll Certificate

When Xero released their Payroll Certification our team jumped at the opportunity to get Certified. The whole GoFi8ure team became Certified within 1 week of the Certification release!

If you are using Xero Payroll and need an expert to help contact us and have a Certified Payroll GoFi8urine help get you sorted.

New Year, New skill-set

Enhance your business skills and knowledge with continuing education offerings through GoFi8ure.

Training and up-skilling is essential to the achievements of a business to ensure ongoing development and improvement. Not only for your staff, but for you, the business owner. Even if you have been in business for many years, investing in yourself and your business should be a vital part of your strategic plan.

“You don’t know, what you don’t know, until you don’t know that you don’t know it”. Despite having years of business experience behind you, many business environments are not stagnant. Developing technologies are constantly causing disruption and opportunity. Changes constantly occur with new legislation and business obligations, software changes, or better business processes becoming available. As a business owner you need to make sure you are up to date with everything you need to know. That is when training and up-skilling comes into play.

The benefits can be life-changing too, reaching far beyond simply relieving boredom or passing the time. Studies have shown adult learning can boost confidence, well-being and feelings of fulfilment and happiness, providing business owners (and their staff) with a new zest for life – that is before we even get to the potential social, physical and professional benefits. So jump right in, the water’s lovely, and make 2017 the year you up-skill and learn more.

What are some of the other benefits to learning and up-skilling?

1. Enhance operational efficiency
Training yourself and your employees can increase efficiency and productivity in completing daily work tasks. Training can also help your organisation achieve greater consistency in process adherence, making it easier to project outcomes and meet organisational goals and targets.

2. Increase business value
Effective training can be used to “up-skill” or “multi-skill” not only yourself, but also your employees. Up-skilling involves extending one’s knowledge of an existing skill, providing more experts within a subject area. This helps you make better decisions for your business. Being better informed is part of your essential business development requirement.

3. Increase business quality
Aside from increased efficiency, both you and your employees will also improve the quality of the work produced with relevant training. It is proven that untrained employees turn out work of lesser value, which in turn lowers the value of your business. Training is essential to higher production value.

Interested in knowing more about how you and your team can up-skill in the accounting / finance side of your business? Then you need to get in touch with Education and Xero award winner GoFi8ure. We have different training packages available to suit both you as a business owner and your employees. We look forward to helping your business grow – or visit

The value training can add to your business

At GoFi8ure we truly believe that training is not a cost, but an investment in your business and future growth.

You may have heard this popular question that highlights the importance of investing in employee training, it goes something like this:
Person 1 asks “What if we spend money on training our employees and they leave?”
Person 2 replies “What if we don’t and they stay?!”

In this article we highlight why employee training is a crucial part of a successful business.

1. Training gives employees the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work to the best of their ability, resulting in an increase in productivity and quality of work.

2. Training can give your employees an increased and more diverse skill set, where they can take on additional responsibilities while supporting their own career progression.

3. Training can give your business a genuine competitive advantage over your competition. The simplest way you can be better than your competitors is by having employees that work better than the rest. Training is a direct route to achieving this.

4. Training helps reduce employee turnover. Investing in your employees makes them feel valued and lets them know you are interested in developing their skills. As a result they tend to stay longer and contribute more to your business. Replacing staff is expensive and time consuming. It is much better to train and retain your best people in the first place.

5. Whether it is training, methods of working or legislation – things continuously change in the work place. Regular training means your business and your employees don’t get left behind and they stay working at their best, both today and in the future.

6. Training decreases the need for supervision. Untrained and under-qualified staff can drain your management resources and distract your best people from urgent and important tasks. Avoid becoming over reliant on one person by training at least one other staff member of your team to the desired standard.

To talk more about Xero and bookkeeping training for your employees, visit our website: or email us on

Invest in your business today!


Business Expo 2015

This year’s Business Expo was great. Despite the cold weather, everyone really enjoyed themselves.

The best part of the day was receiving this feedback from one of Lisa’s free 15 minute WOF sessions.

“Lisa you are amazing! Thank you for your time today at the business expo. Jody and I really look forward to working with you again in the future! You made everything so easy to understand and had some invaluable information! Thank you so much 🙂 Alex Aubrey, Star Beauty, 2015

“This morning at the Business Expo we saw the lovely Lisa for a FREE 15 minute Xero WOF! This wonderful lady showed us so much tips and tricks and tidied up our accounts, both my business partner and I left feeling really happy and most importantly understood how to do things differently for the future! Thanks so much again Lisa!” Jody Bell, Star Beauty, 2015