Managing ‘the books’ 2020-style

Managing ‘the books’ 2020-style

Lisa Martin, Executive Director of GoFi8ure, discusses all things accounting and bookkeeping, and shares some best practice management advice with business owners.

It’s 2020. A new decade has dawned. What better time to reflect on how far business accounting and bookkeeping has come since the turn of the century.

Who can remember a world without cloud accounting platforms? Imagine a world of printed bank statements and invoices, manual reconciliations, and no sign of digital bank feeds or automated accounting tools?

It’s all a distant memory for GoFi8ure’s Executive Director Lisa Martin (pictured) too. She has witnessed first-hand the rise of automation over her business accounting career – making life easier and providing more time for business owners.

She notes that there is still ongoing uncertainty for business owners to grapple with – such as retaining clients, hiring staff, ensuring that revenue targets are constantly met. Like a swan gliding serenely across a lake, there’s always plenty happening just beneath the surface.

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