14 Apps to Help Improve Your Business’ Productivity

14 Apps to Help Improve Your Business’ Productivity










We seem busier than ever without necessarily achieving much more. It’s time you made technology work for you, to save time and streamline processes. We have rounded up some of the best apps to maximise your productivity by addressing your communication, organisation, password management, performance and focus.

COMMUNICATION – the heart of modern business

Slack is a communication hub – calls, instant messages, files and notifications all indexed, archived and easily searchable. Create dedicated channels for groups or individual projects and private lines for sensitive information.

Skype is a leader in video conferencing. Send instant messages and make calls. With Skype you have your own number and you can share your screen for presentations etc.

WhatsApp is just like SMS (text) but using the internet not a cellular account. Instant messaging, sharing media files, free app-to-app calls and easy to download – all good reasons to use it.

ORGANISATION – simplify your workload

Evernote keeps a variety of notes on one subject all together. From audio or web pages to scanned business cards it can even search text in images. Keep project research/information together and share if required.

Trello is a project management tool. Keep track of progress, due dates etc – it’s easy and visual for the whole team.

Google Drive is an easily integrated and shared document storage on the cloud will centrally hold files that you and others can edit in real time from any on-line device.

Genius Scan turns your phone pics into a pdf. File documents and receipts easiy on the cloud.

PASSWORD MANAGEMENT – no more password resets

LastPass is a virtual vault that holds all your passwords and is encrypted for maximum security and works on all your devices, generating super secure passwords and making online shopping easier.

1Password has recently introduced a ‘travel mode’ – all traces of your ‘vault’ of sensitive information are removed from your device while in travel mode so your data is untraceable.

PERFORMANCE – shine with little effort

Detective is an assistant who briefs you before every meeting on who’s who and what makes them tick.

Accompany will give you an executive pre-meeting briefing – background on the people you meet and financials on companies.

IMPROVE FOCUS – tune in to turn off

Pocket is where you keep things for later. Videos, articles etc can be stored to view at leisure, even without an internet connection.

Freedom releases you from the tyranny of distracting sites so your devices become work tools again.

Simple Habit offers guided meditation in sessions as snackable as 5 minutes to improve stress or sleeping through mindfulness.

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