GoFi8ure – Passionate about helping small business ‘crack the whip on their success’

Twelve years ago Lisa Martin saw the difficulties and unnecessary stress businesses were experiencing with their bookkeeping and knew ‘there had to be a better way’.

Recognising number-crunching wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and armed with a passion for accounting, Lisa set about providing a future-proofed business solution for Small to Medium Sized Enterprise business (SMEs) focused on excellence and efficiency in client service delivery. To read more click here.








GoFi8ure – Superheroes of the accounting world – Fishhead Magazine 2013

GoFi8ure gets in and takes care of the grunty number-crunching, enabling businesses to earn more money doing what they do best. With 25 years of financial and accounting experience behind her, Lisa Martin and her Cuba Street company could be just what you are looking for. To keep reading click here.








If you feel like the number are just not adding up – Call GoFi8ure

A Call to Action. Lisa Martin is a successful Wellington Businesswoman who makes no bones about the fact that GoFi8ure is her pride and her passion. Furthermore, she can think of no good reason why any new business wouldn’t want her company on board, helping them steer a path towards financial stability and success. To read more click here.