Winner of Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year New Zealand 2016 – GoFi8ure!

We are so humbled and honoured to be named Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year New Zealand. To win Wellington Bookkeeping Partner was awesome, but winning this is absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much to everyone at Xero for your support and for providing us with such awesome tools – they make our lives easier and our clients too! Also a massive thank you to our awesome team, what a great team effort – thank you for your passion.

Thank you to our fans and clients – you rock!! And finally a huge thank you to our fellow Bookkeepers and our Bookkeeping community. You are all amazing and we are so lucky to work alongside you! What a great way to kick off Global Bookkeepers Week!

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“Say it Like it Is”

When you start or grow a business, one of the first and most important things you will think about is how to keep a record of your accounts. Whether your business uses a Bookkeeper or an Accounts Assistant/Manager, you should have an effective accounts management system in place. Unless you have a very small hobby business, an excel spreadsheet just won’t cut it. So if you want your business to run successfully, it is important to choose an accounting system that best suits your needs.

There are a lot of systems out there so which one is the most efficient and best suited for your business?
At GoFi8ure we’ve used every type of accounting package out there, so when clients ask which system will save time, money and is easy to use we highly recommend Xero.

You’ve probably heard other business owners talk about it; you might have even tried it, or seen it advertised somewhere and thought about moving over. Well now is the best time to make the move! Xero is a multi-functional accounting package that helps business owners – BIG and small run their financial data easily, accurately and without any hassle.

So why would Xero be a great solution for your business?
– Reconciliation time gets cut in half saving you or your staff time each week.
– You can invoice as well as apply credit notes with the click of a button.
– GST has never been easier. Gone are the manual reconciliations and checking everything three times for accuracy.
– You can easily update fixed assets & depreciation schedules for accurate reporting.
– Xero offers pay runs and track wage expenses and can connect with your payroll system.

Getting a little bit tempted? What if we told you Xero could…?
– Save you time – no more long hours slaving over your accounts.
– Save you money – Time = money, so spending time on what you REALLY want.
– Lower your Accountants bill – If you have spreadsheets or an older accounting system, it takes more time to reconcile and prepare. Xero has everything at a click of a button so you save time instantly.
– Give you peace of mind – If you didn’t go into business to do accounts then simplify your life by using a clean and effective accounting package today.

So now we have your attention – how can GoFi8ure help you?
– We offer one-on-one training for business owners and their staff.
– We are Xero Gold Partners so we can help get you set up on Xero.
– If you don’t want to be doing your own accounts, we can do them for you. Awarded Xero’s Bookkeeping Partner of the Year 2013, we are experts in our field.

Take the stress out of your accounts by getting onto Xero and start doing beautiful business today! To sign up to Xero and book your training email us at or call 0800 463 488.

Finalist in the AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards 2012

Finalist – GoFi8ure

GoFi8ure are selected as a finalist in 2012 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards. GoFi8ure has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards. Recognised for excellence in the category Business under $5m turnover – Accounting and Finance, GoFi8ure will join 49 other finalists in this years’ AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards – a record number in the awards seven year history.

What differentiates GoFi8ure from others is we are mobile and certified/qualified i.e. we know what we are doing! Allowing clients to have an accounts person on site at important times each month without actually employing a full time accounts manager.

Our focus is on developing partnerships with clients to help them manage their business, rather than a more traditional transactional style of operation. Only by truly understanding our clients, and the environment in which they operate, can we provide the best advice and support possible.

Digging Deep When Employing

In the last in the series of Small Business Basics, Lisa Martin, Executive Director of GoFi8ure says employ the right people. We all skim the surface on so many things in our lives. But, if there’s one area of business that needs you to be thorough – it’s hiring people. To read more click here.

Get on top of it December March 2011

When I sat down to think about what I wanted to say in this month’s article a couple of weeks ago, I thought I wanted to create a “we’re all in this together, let’s be kind to each other and support each other to move on from last year’s tough times” kind-of-feel to it. Little did I realise that I’d be writing this just days after Christchurch’s terrible earthquake and that my sentiment would be even more appropriate than ever. To keep reading click here.