Meet the team – the GoFi8urines

Lisa Martin
Executive Director - PTBA

Lisa founded GoFi8ure in 2002 after recognising a need for efficient, accurate, mobile, and on-site financial administration and accounts management for small businesses operating in the greater Wellington region.

She did this armed with 30 years of financial and accounting experience that includes 14 years as a finance manager for an international company, as well as a Diploma of Business specialising in Management Accounting and Human Resources. Lisa shares with you her skills and experience through participating in a range of different services at any level. She can provide onsite training for financial staff, facilitate with tax compliance issues, implement and organise a system, or can fully manage the financial aspects of your business – leaving you free to work on the things you love.

Through Lisa’s vision and hard work GoFi8ure continues to grow, offering increasingly comprehensive services for small businesses. Since GoFi8ure’s inception the number of staff has steadily increased, resulting in a team with a wide variety of skills. These skills, both unique and diverse, work together with Lisa’s training and unwavering commitment to her business and clients to give you more effective financial solutions.

Lisa is the Vice President for the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association Inc and enjoys teaching Bookkeeping and Xero to excited business owners hungry to learn best practice.

Tania Hayes
Managing Director
Hutt Valley
Tania Hayes, Managing Director and co-owner of GoFi8ure, joined the team in 2015 to enable the continued growth of GoFi8ure and use her extensive Tax knowledge to help GoFi8ure clients get the financial basics right, and in doing so, grow their businesses and leave them time for the things and people they love.

Tania started her career in the banking and finance industry until becoming self-employed with her first business in 2001. This provided valuable experience in understanding the trials and tribulations that affect all business owners on a day to day basis – not just the financial hurdles. This means Tania has a natural empathy and understanding of her clients and can work with business owners to achieve their business and personal goals.

Learning from this first business in 2008 Tania founded the bookkeeping company Active Admin Limited and started her studies at Massey to formalise her knowledge and obtain her accounting degree.

Recognising the core values and work ethics of Active Admin and GoFi8ure were aligned a strategic business alliance was formalised in January 2015. Tania is leading the tax team at GoFi8ure and the business continues to experience phenomenal growth more than doubling its client base and adding to the existing team of superhero’s. GoFi8ure are mobile part-time financial controllers taking care of the accounting and bookkeeping of your business on your site or from one of our offices.

Participation in the industry is essential to staying on top of changing trends and legislation and Tania is a member and supporter of ATAINZ – Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand.
Jamie Nicholas
Senior Mobile Accountant
Jamie joined the team at GoFi8ure in 2009 after graduating from Victoria University with a double degree in Commerce and Science. Jamie majored in a wide range of subjects including Accounting, Commercial Law and Chemistry which gave him a good grounding to understand the many different business types that GoFi8ure provides services for.

Jamie was appointed as one of our Associate Directors in 2014, in recognition of his high work quality, ethics and love for the business.

While continuing to provide excellent accounting and bookkeeping services to all his clients, Jamie is also the Xero Certified Training Manager in Wellington. Jamie loves teaching both existing and new clients and seeing them learn and grow so that they can better achieve their business goals. While not only limited to Xero, Jamie also has a wide knowledge of most major accounting packages from, MYOB, Quickbooks, Money Works, Cash Manager and will do anything to deliver exceptional accounts or train someone so that they can do so themselves. Jamie is a mentor to our GoFi8urines and makes sure they are up skilled so they can deliver our brand promise to our clients.

Jamie is available to help you learn from the best! He brings both a new dimension and valuable business expertise to the GoFi8ure team. If you want to be great in Xero – Jamie is the person to teach you!

Rio Hong
Mobile Accountant
Rio joined GoFi8ure in August 2018. Rio comes to GoFi8ure with over 10 years of accounting experience. Rio loves working along side business owners helping them achieve financial success.

Rio is experience in using Xero and MYOB. He brings his love for numbers and combines it with his passion for educating and enabling business owners.

In his spare time, Rio enjoys spending time with his family and playing and watching football with his son.

Steve Horne
Accounting Consultant Trainer
Steve started his working career as a qualified Auditor, spending time helping large retail organisations with all things reporting, including cash flow and forecasting analyses. Steve then turned his passion to numbers and helping SME businesses with their financials.

Steve finds nothing more rewarding than helping a business owner sort out their accounts and financial headaches. Steve is one of our Xero Certified Accountants and Trainers based in Auckland. Being the superhero that he is, Steve travels around New Zealand helping save our clients. When Steve gets tired of ‘balancing’ figures, he goes yachting for fun where the yacht is self-balancing.

Gabby Simpson
Business Development Manager
Gabby brings to GoFi8ure her business knowledge, her management skills, absolute determination and hardworking attitude. Her extensive experience covers the areas of retail, marketing, management and training. Gabby has enjoyed helping clients and customers for over 10 years.

She has been involved with helping many different businesses and organisations as they start up and grow. She really understands what is absolutely crucial for business success in those first few years. One of the main things that businesses need when starting out is an accounting system and structure. Finances are the cogs that keep the machine working.

This is why Gabby really understands what GoFi8ure is about and shouts it from the roof tops. She thrives on educating and providing high quality services to business owners in order to help ease the load of managing their business; allowing them to work ON their business not IN it.

GoFi8ure offers nationwide accounting, tax, bookkeeping and Xero training for SME businesses. If you would like to speak with Gabby about your business she would love to hear from you.
Lynette Swanson
Associate Chartered Accountant
Hutt Valley
Lynette joined GoFi8ure in 2017 as an Associate Chartered Accountant. Lynette has extensive experience as a Senior Business Services Accountant. In this role Lynette was required to undertake compliance work for a wide range of clients. This work included preparing, finalising and filing compliance documents and returns.

Lynette’s accounting skills and knowledge means she knows exactly what SME businesses need. Lynette holds a BBS (Accounting and Finance) making her a great addition to the GoFi8ure team. When Lynette isn’t being a superhero she enjoys a range of social sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Sue Gwilliam
Senior Accounting Consultant

Sue joined the GoFi8ure team in July 2017. With a passion for numbers and helping SME’s Sue is excited about helping New Zealand businesses achieve tidy and accurate accounts.
Sue is an Associate Chartered Management Accountant from the UK with 25 years accounting, bookkeeping and business services experience.


In the UK, she ran her own business providing accounting support to SME companies across a wide range of sectors. She has also held several senior positions within large UK organisations and has used her skills and knowledge gained in these roles to bring sound systems and procedures to her clients’ businesses.


Sue prides herself in being able to communicate complex accounting information in an easy to understand way that benefits her clients. She likes to have a full understanding of her clients businesses, and works closely with them to develop budgets and forecasts, to monitor performance, and to build action plans to resolve problems or to help growth and progression.
Vanita Sami
Chartered Accountant
Hutt Valley
Vanita began her accounting journey by achieving her BCA Degree in Accounting and Commercial Law in 2010, and then went on to become a volunteer mentor at Victoria University to students who lacked confidence in their accounting courses.

Vanita has now turned her journey towards being a GoFi8ure Hero, to help even more people from the skills she has gained and developed. Vanita is a Chartered Accountant, and has also achieved a Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting.

Sue Hill
Mobile Bookkeeper & Xero Trainer
Sue is our South Island Bookkeeper and Xero Trainer. Sue brings over 15 years of accounting experience to the GoFi8ure Team. Sue is passionate about helping business owners maintain tidy accounts, along with enabling them to use their accounting software in the most efficient way possible.

If you are based in the South Island and would like to find out about how Sue can help you and your business, send us a message.

Zareen Sheikh-Cope
Zareen is one of our Hutt Valley Bookkeepers who has over 20 years administration and bookkeeping experience in the finance, property and legal sectors. Zareen is also a Xero Certified Advisor. If you are in need of bookkeeping, Zareen is the Bookkeeper for you.
Anita Jewell
Virtual Bookkeeper
Coming from a farming background where Anita learnt the importance of financial literacy, Anita brings to GoFi8ure a love of numbers and the drive to ensure everyone understands how their decisions affect their financial lives.

Realising that math’s and numbers were not something that came easily to people, or was at least not regarded as important (especially in an era in which we are bombarded with so many easy ways to get into ballooning debt), Anita made the decision to study as an adult and do a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting.

Anita is dedicated to helping people achieve their financial stability, and giving them the right tools to keep their finances running smoothly so they can sleep easier at night.

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