What Covid taught us…

Things were certainly thrown up in the air when COVID-19’s lockdown happened in March. For many businesses, the first, most visible effects of the pandemic quickly created a challenge to their operating and business models. A lot of things came into question, from how and where employees worked, to how they engaged with customers and how their business accounts and compliance were managed.

COVID-19 kicked GoFi8ure’s agility and response plan into place, allowing us to become more agile in how our GoFi8urine’s worked together and how we worked with our clients. Thanks to the amazing cloud online tools and software available, our team of superheroes were able to continue consistent service delivery without any impact on our clients.

Our success in working remotely during this time, whilst meeting client deadlines and requirements, was thanks to our tested systems and processes which allowed us to work with agility and resilience without disruption. It is because this experience, that we made the decision to not renew our Upper Hutt Headquarters lease.

Making the decision to not renew our Upper Hutt premise was hard to make because we love our Hutt Valley community and poured our heart and soul into branding and creating the Hutt office, however, it gave us an opportunity to offer more flexibility, versatility and remote working to our GoFi8urines. We would like to assure all our clients that the upcoming changes will not cause any disruption to our workflow or delivery of services. In fact, it will allow us to work closer as a team and continue to provide superlative accounting services for our clients nationwide.

Like the sound of being more agile in your business? GoFi8ure offers a range of services that can help ensure your business is agile and responsive, so you can remain competitive. Get a quote today or contact us to find out more.

If you ever need anything, our GoFi8urine’s are just a call or email away!

Kind regards

Your dedicated GoFi8urines


Taking a closer look at the benefits of business software

Taking a closer look at the benefits of business software

Have you been running your business the ‘old-fashioned’ way, with an office suite for spreadsheets, word processing and presentations? If so, we would like to share how new types of business software can streamline things.

For a small business like yours, the explosion of apps in the past few years gives you much more choice. These apps connect together almost like building blocks and can be accessed anywhere to give you more flexibility.

Xero has put together a great guide to business software. It covers the issues with traditional software and the benefits of new apps – so you can shape the software around your business, instead of the other way around.

Please have a read and if you would like to talk about the right software to help you manage (accounting, timekeeping, ecommerce, customer data, workflows), send us a message and book in your complimentary meeting.